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The Retro series continues the classic design style of Bogdan. RETRO Steelhead/Large Trout has two sizes: 3 1/4'' and 3 1/2''. RETRO Steelhead/Large Trout 3 1/4'' is wider than the Retro TROUT 3 1/4'' and can be used with 6WT or 7WT single-handed rods. It is also used by many Trout Spey or Switch anglers to catch trout in larger rivers.3 1/2'' is suitable for 8WT single-handed rods to catch steelhead, salmon or large trout. At the same time, many anglers will choose it on 5WT or 6WT spey rods to chase large trout or summer steelhead.

The 3 3/4 "and 4" models are designed for 7/8/9 spey rods. They are non-adjustable clicker reels with strong frames like our salmon reels, lightweight, crisp sound and a drag that won't let the line overrun. Whether it's chasing Winter Steelhead or Atlantic Salmon, they are worthy weapons for clicker lovers to have.


  • Classic cosmetic appearance with vintage taste.
  • Click pawl drag design with a clear and pleasant sound.
  • Full frame construction
  • Made of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum bar and anodized. 
  • Hand-polished Ebonite handle. 
  • Handmade high-quality suede bag. 
  • Unique ID for you and the follow-up warranty.

* Screw Driver PB SWISS 128.3-50 is recommended for all small screws.


Within 7 DAYS of Purchase, If not Used, Return Accepted.



Spool Width


Steelhead/Large Trout 3 1/4‘’

3/4 Two-Handed

3 1/4"

1 5/32''


300 Skagit + 100ft SL+ 100yds (20lb)

Steelhead/Large Trout 3 1/2‘’

5/6 Two-Handed

3 1/2‘’

1 5/32''

360 Skagit + 100ft SL+ 100yds (20lb)
Steelhead/Large Trout 3 3/4‘’
6/7 Two-Handed
3 3/4‘’
1 3/8''
450 Skagit + 100ft SL + 150yds/30lb
Steelhead/Large Trout 4‘’
7/8 Two-Handed
1 3/8''
550 Skagit + 100ft SL + 150yds/30lb

*We test the 3 1/4‘’ and 3 1/2‘’ model line capacity using Scientific Anglers 0.030” diameter shooting line and 20LB backing line to show the capacity of reels.

*We test the 3 3/4‘’ and 4‘’ model line capacity using Airflo's 0.040" diameter shooting line and 30LB backing line to show the capacity of reels.

Fewer backing lines or thinner shooting lines allow for more flexibility in use.

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