Story About IWANA

What we value:

To bring classic reels back to the river is the core of what we pursuit.
As anglers, we believe the best way to inherit the elegance and vintage fly-fishing style is to renovate classic reels for modern practice, with details that anglers resonate.
The classic aesthetic design, coupled with modern materials and well-tested drag system, IWANA reels strive to achieve high degree of consistency and accuracy while maintaining top level of craftsmanship.
At the same time, the marriage of high precision production equates to the reduction of cost and time, we want to make classic style reels more accessible and affordable. 

Who we are:

Born as millennials, both Liu Shaojie and Wang Liang are considered relatively “young” in fly-fishing industry, yet highly recognized as true anglers and makers by showing deep passion and understanding of fly fishing by friends and business partners.
Liu Shaojie started to replicate classic salmon reels in 2013 when pursuing master degree in the United States, in honor of famous classic reel artist Bogdan who pass away that year. Since then, he has established his classical fishing reel studio and continuously improved his craftsmanship for over 10 years.
Wang Liang currently lives in British Columbia, Canada, one of North American’s best regions for fly fishing. But his enthusiasm for fish dates back to his childhood, when he taught himself fishing, spent hours observing fish habits, and handmade his own fishing tools with common materials. After running business of many kinds for years, he turned his professional skills back to what he truly love since young, fishing.

How far we go:

In 2021 Liu Shaojie and Wang Liang co-founded IWANA, after they went on a trip to fish IWANA trout in Japan. They launched IWANA trout and steelhead reels in the same year and salmon reels with drum drag system in 2022. 

Developing by good reputation on product quality and word of mouth, we has built up a worldwide network with 20 dealers in 11 countries and regions in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.