"I bought an IWANA Trout 4/5/6 in September of 2021, and it was fished almost daily for a month and a half; I’m a guide here in Oregon. The reel handled a great many trout and a few steelhead to 12 pounds — we catch an occasional steelhead while primarily trout fishing.
My anglers and I were impressed with the build quality of the reel. Beautifully finished, solid, tight tolerances. MUCH more reel than some more common imports, and if you want a great looking traditional reel, highly recommended."

Bob Houghton
Fishing Guide
The United States


"From the first day I got my I wanna reel, I was very impressed with the quality and the fit of the reels I have sold reels for over 40 years and I have sold lots of reels that are regarded as extremely well put together, the Iwana reels are extremely, nice they work very well, the sound that the reels produce is wonderful, reminds me a lot of the reel I used to sell back in the day when a reel was put together, and fitted perfectly, fantastic reels, at a good value, smooth, sound great, ant the reels really look great on my bamboo, and glass rods."

Owner of Tim's fly shop
The United States


"Sometimes the choice of equipment is pursuing what you like.

IWANA Reel is the classic and simple I want."

Kai Hsun Chen
FFI Casting Instructor


"I was lucky enough to meet Liu Shaojie in person at Beijing China Fish convention couple years back and immediately became fan of his fly reels.

I have since acquired quite a few reels, the latest being the Iwana Wide Small Trout that I paired with my Redington Butter Stick II glass fly rod. I love how they complement each other perfectly giving that vintage look and feel while still being in perfect condition to perform at the riverside.

I can recommend the Iwana reels to anyone who appreciates the aesthetic side of fly fishing."

Juuso Kataja


"Excellent quality, absolutely love the quality craftsmanship of the IWANA reels. I do a lot of creek fishing after got it this summer, it is beautiful and I feel kind of special using it because of all the work that has clearly gone in to making it just for me!"

Hailong Chang