Quick maintenance of IWANA Salmon Reels

Quick maintenance of IWANA Salmon Reels

Unlike the modern carbon-fiber disc reels, drum drag's classic reels require a little more care from us. Just like using a classic car, it is a wonderful process to care for and maintain it.But don't be nervous, it's an easy and fun thing to do. It only takes a little time to get your reels back in a great working condition.
Our advice is to maintain two to three times per fishing season, or once after each long trip. Of course, if you think it sounds or runs a little strange, you might as well open it for a simple maintenance.

You'll need some simple tools:
1. A proper screwdriver
2. A bottle of WD-40
3.Reel oil
4.Cleaning cloth

Part one: Internal cleaning and derusting of drag system

Release the drag and open the cover plate on the logo side.

Remove the screws on the left and right sides and remove the springs.Clean the sand to keep the drag system clean inside.

If long-term wet, springs are the most prone to rust parts.Use WD-40 to remove all rust. This will not only remove rust, but also prevent the springs and parts from rusting later.When the rust removal is complete, install the springs back as it was.

Apply a small amount of grease to the ratchet in the middle of the drag system.

Part two: Lubrication of important parts

Unscrew the lid above the logo and you will find a small hole. Apply two drops of oil and let the oil run in. Then screw the lid back on.This lubricates the main components of the drag system.

Applying a drop of oil between the S-handle and the copper part will solve the problem of some strange sounds.

That's IWANA salmon reels' quick maintenance advice. Hopefully this will keep IWANA catching fish with you for a long time.
Tight lines!