How to maintain your IWANA Reel

How to maintain your IWANA Reel

When IWANA arrived at the angler's home, his life had just begun.

We advocate using IWANA as a tool that you can take fishing with confidence, and don't care too much about it. However, proper and correct maintenance is necessary because it will enable IWANA to have better working condition and longer working time. How do you maintain your IWANA? That's what we want to talk about in this article.

The maintenance of a classic reel is not a mathematical formula, there is no way to calculate how many days should be maintained. So when do you need to maintain it? Our recommendation is that when you have a new IWANA, proper maintenance can be carried out between six months and one year. Of course, if you are a diligent angler who goes to the river for a few happy days almost every week, then your maintenance time should be shortened. Or, if you get sand in your IWANA on a fishing trip, you'd better maintain it as soon as possible.

If the following situation occurs, it is also a reminder that you need to maintain. For example, the reels make metal grinding noises, gravel grinding on the inside of the reels, or some other weird squeaking sound.

We show how we should maintain IWANA through pictures and words:

You need to prepare some tools, including screwdriver (Our model: Screw Driver PB SWISS 128.3-50, 8.0 x 30), oil and grease.


Step 1:We should open the back plate (four screws need to be removed altogether). Clean the inside of the reel with clean water, then dry with a clean towel or paper towel.


Step 2: Please apply appropriate amount of oil or grease according to the position shown below, do not be too much. Then reinstall the back plate.

1. A drop of oil can be dropped between the two copper sleeves and the matching parts (arrow 1 and 2)
2. Drop three drops of oil between the crescent moon shaped caliper and the plate, and let the oil slowly enter the gap between the half ring and the revision (arrow 345)
3. The joint between spring and the crescent moon shaped caliper can be filled with part of grease, which can make the sound of reel more excellent (Arrow 67)
4. Add a little grease to the small hole in the middle (Arrow 8)


Step 3: Remove the S handle, wipe clean with a towel.


Step 4:Apply appropriate amount of oil according to the picture. Then reinstall the S handle.

Put a drop of oil t on the surface indicated by the yellow arrow


Put a drop of oil on each side of the arrow and let it penetrate into the gap.